First impressions are essential, whether you own a store, business or other commercial property. It's just not always easy to keep the building or property clean, particularly when you've got a constant influx of people: clients, employees, customers, etc. That clean-and-efficient look-and-feel is part of the image that you project. It's part of your brand. It tells a story about your values, and it also communicates a sense of purpose.

The Best Spot: What Your Trash Can Says About You & Your Company

A clean and presentable property is one of the factors that you can easily control in your relationship with your clients and customers, but it's also an opportunity for team building. Get your employees on board. Set goals. Start working toward solutions that will contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable facility. But, what do your trash management and recycling efforts actually say about you and your company? 

What it Looks Like: Image

Image is everything, or so they say. But, a clean and presentable property is something that your clients and customers will remember, and it may even inspire them to come back. A beautiful facility contributes to your positive reputation. Beyond just making sure all the trash makes it into the trash receptacles, your image relies on making sure the hallways or aisles are swept and orderly, that graffiti is removed, and that the property is professionally clean and respectable. 

What it Means: Values

Your recycling efforts waste management program also reflects upon your company values. Your employeCutes can feel good because they are making a difference by protecting the environment. And, they really are making quite a difference when they get on board with your cleanliness and recycling program. On average, Americans throw away $11.4 billion recyclable containers, and it's easy to make a change to that trend by positioning your trash and recycling receptacles in spots that are easy to see and access. Your effort will work the best if position your trash and recycling near exits and entrances, with clearly visible symbols that mean RECYCLE or TRASH. 

Why it's the Responsible Thing

Ultimately, your efforts make a difference whether anyone in the world notices. Part of that responsible effort is to look into the best way to maintain a beautiful and sustainable property. That also means maintaining enough trash and recycling receptacles to accommodate the number of clients, customers, and guests that will be using the space. Your responsibility of cleanliness is not just a nice thing to have though. Nearly one million Americans have slip-and-fall injuries every year. If you can mitigate even some of those circumstances, you're protecting yourself and your company from the legal ramifications not to mention the potential for negative PR. You can avoid all of that by taking steps to make sure that your property is safe, clean and secure. 

Why The Best Spot for Trash & Recycling Makes It Easier To Keep it Clean

Your waste management program is not supposed to be difficult or time-consuming. It should be quick-and-easy, something that shouldn't require a ton of thought or planning. We, at Trashcans Warehouse, work to make the process of purchasing and deploying trash cans as easy as possible. We can also provide quantity discounts so that you can have the number you need to make sure that your property is beautiful, presentable, and that it reflects your core values.