Recycling offers tremendous potential as a concrete strategy people can use to help the environment. The province of Ontario continues to look for ways to improve recycling rates in the region and thereby improve the state of the local natural world.

The Success of Plastic Recycling in Ontario

The success of plastic recycling in Ontario has been mixed but shows tremendous potential for growth. Across Canada, people can recycle a variety of different types of items. Specifically, you can recycle glass bottles and other glass items, aluminum, paper, and cardboard. Plastics can be a bit more complicated, as some plastics are accepted while other plastics are not. 

Unfortunately, while Ontario’s recycling program, like the rest of Canada, offers a wide range of items that can be recycled, many people fail to recycle the eligible products when they use them. People also often do not fully understand the regulations regarding what products they can recycle and which ones should not go into the recycling bin. Altogether, current statistics indicate that only about 30% of Ontario’s waste actually gets recycled.

Steps have been taken across the province to improve these low rates, and environmental activists have voiced support for these endeavors. In the summer of 2023, for example, the province mandated that the companies producing the plastics that need to be recycled are also charged the money it takes to recycle these products. Many people support this measure as a way to expand recycling efforts and ensure that the companies producing the items pay for their processing.

In addition to this legislation, the province has also set benchmarks and goals for the number of bottles and other recycled items they want to keep out of landfills. Activists call upon the province to keep improving its performance and set more goals for recycling efforts.

Other Strategies to Improve Recycling Rates

One of the best strategies that Ontario has at its fingertips is to improve the accessibility to recycling receptacles. Communities across Ontario want to make sure that people have easy access to the appropriate recycling cans, regardless of whether they are at home or patronizing a commercial business.

Fortunately, there are a variety of different types of recycling bins that can be used to improve the success of plastic recycling in Ontario. Purchasing bin options that offer three different colors - one black for trash, green for compost, and blue for recycling can help people easily sort all their garbage into the optimal place. There are also a variety of different-shaped blue recycling bins, including those that offer space-saving options or sturdiness for outdoor use. 

When businesses take the time to place recycling bins throughout their property and public spaces, such as outside buildings, in parks, and anywhere people stop to eat, it becomes more accessible for people to use the receptacles. This added convenience will make people more likely to properly recycle their items so that Ontario can start to achieve goals for recycling.

Recycling is an excellent way we can all make a difference in the health of the earth. With proper recycling, fewer items end up in landfills. It also reduces the need for manufacturing new items, since businesses can reuse the manufactured items. Altogether, this creates a healthier environment for all to enjoy.

The success of recycling in Ontario still has room for improvement, but investing in quality bins and displaying them prominently offers an easy path that you can take to make a positive difference. Feel free to browse some of the available bins through Recycle Away and see which ones fit your purpose to make a difference today.