As a business owner in Canada, you have a corporate and civic responsibility to maintain garbage and recyclables. Waste management starts with selecting the right recycling and trash bins.

Whether you are searching for recycling containers with style or simply to store glass bottles, Recycle Away has plenty of options.

Why Businesses Need Recycling Containers in Canada

The local laws in Canada require trash can receptacles to maintain sanitation in businesses and outdoors where people congregate. This practice includes recycling for comprehensive waste management. Companies should recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans, polycoat containers, pouches, and glass bottles, along with newspaper and shredded paper.

To ensure recyclables are not contaminated with blood bags, needles, bear spray, or bullets, provide clear instructions on recycling. Choose the best recycling containers in Canada to meet your customers' or employees' waste management goals.

Logos and text about what should be recycled in each container should also be provided. Consider customized recycling bins by Recycle Away to add information for the end user.

Office Waste Recycling Containers

In the office, a more formal style of recycling bin is typical. Take a look at the fashionable Glaro Dual Purpose Recycling Container in Satin Brass 33 Gallon size. Improve the well-being of the workplace with Slim Jim Recycling with Venting Channels. This slimmer-sized office recycling container has innovative side vents.

The goal is to reduce strain when removing a filled liner, which also is more ergonomic. If you have a high-tech office that uses a lot of devices, consider the ErgoCan for Cell Phones. High-impact and eye-catching with great graphics, this recycling container in Canada can be edited to hold any specific item, such as plastic grocery bags or used plastic gift cards.

Recycling Outdoors in Canada

Brave the winds and blizzard conditions with heavy-duty BRUTE recycling containers. Recycle Away features the 50 Gallon BRUTE Recycling Rollout Container with Lid. On wheels, you can easily transport this recycling container as needed. The thick plastic material is specifically designed to withstand the elements of sun, rain, and snow in Canada.

Set up a recycling compost bin at your grocery business or pizza restaurant using the Keene Pizza Box Recycling / Compost Bin Combo. Made with two containers, this recycling and compost bin has a large rectangular opening for pizza boxes.

For the compost bin of the combo, there is a smaller diamond shape for inserting compostables and food items. This makes composting and recycling convenient outside your pizzeria or food court at the mall.

About Recycle Away in Canada

At Recycle Away in Canada, you can order recycling containers in bulk. An array of colors and materials, as well as styles like wheeled and lidded, are available in all sizes of recycling cans. Do a waste management review and determine what recyclables need to be managed in which spaces.

Select New Recycling Containers in CA

Now is the best time to shop for recycling containers in Canada. Select from thousands of the latest styles and top brands, or choose to customize your trash and recycling combo. Contact Recycle Away today at 800-664-5340 to get a quote on services.